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Historic Districts and Properties

Historic Preservation of historic properties and structures helps to maintain the established identity of a community and provides an understanding of the past in order to better plan for the future. Historic Preservation involves the entire community and is considered an excellent tool for economic development and stability. Historic preservation encompasses many ideas and concepts and can be defined as the identification, protection and enhancement of historic resources. Historic preservation goes beyond simply saving old buildings; it is a means of maintaining a historic character through the preservation of buildings, monuments, landscapes and allowing sensitive infill architecture to continue past traditions. There are many positive reasons to invest in the historic preservation of your property and the community as a whole.

Click HERE for an interactive map of the Local Historic Districts and Landmarks.

Local Historic Districts

There are five Local Historic Districts in Lake Forest. These districts were created to provide a local means of protection for Lake Forest's historic areas.

Lake Forest Historic District
Roughly east Lake Forest from Lake Forest Cemetery on the north to Ringwood Road on the south and the Central Business District on the west to Lake Michigan on the east. Listing 1/26/1978.

Vine-Oakwood-Green Bay Road Historic District
Includes properties along Vine Avenue, properties along Oakwood Avenue south of Illinois Road, and properties along the east side of Green Bay Road between Saint Mary's Church and Vine Avenue. Listing 3/28/1980.

Green Bay Road Historic District
Roughly the Green Bay Road corridor from the City limits on the north to Onwentsia Road on the south, and adjacent properties on intersection east-west streets and Ahwahnee Road. Listing 11/7/1995.

Meadowood Dairy Historic District
Clifford Milton Leonard Farm, "Meadowood Dairy"; built 1923-1926; listing 8/10/2000
Individual Contributing Structures
550 Hathaway Circle - Milk House; Architect: Ralph Varney
561 Hathaway Circle - South Cottage; Architect: Ralph Varney
565 Hathaway Circle - Middle Cottage; Architect: Ralph Varney
570 Hathaway Circle - Main Barn; Architect: Ralph Varney
575 Hathaway Circle - Carriage Barn; Architect: Ralph Varney
579 Hathaway Circle - North Cottage; Architect: Ralph Varney
1190 Inverlieth Road - Chicken House; Architect: Ralph Varney

Grove School Historic District
Grove Cultural Campus - north of Old Mill Road, south of North Croft Park, east of properties on the east side of Ridge Road and west of the Pacific Northwest Rail Line. Local Listing 8/5/2002
Individual Contributing Structures
Dickinson Hall, built 1929-30; Architect: Edwin H. Clark
Stirling Hall, built 1929-30; Architect: Edwin H. Clark
Bennett Hall, built 1949; Architect: Stanley D. Anderson
Log Cabin

Individual Local Historic Landmark Properties and Structures

In addition to the Local Historic Districts listed above, a number of properties are listed on the Local Register for Historic Properties. Please call the Community Development Department at 847-810-3520 for more information.

  • 1230 N. Green Bay Road - Howard Van Doren Shaw House, "Ragdale", built 1896; Architect: Howard Van Doren Shaw; local listing 9/17/1998
  • 1500 Kennedy Road, Lake Forest Academy "Reid Hall" - J. Ogden Armour House & Gardens, built; Architect: Arthur Heun; listing 9/17/1998
  • 111 W. Westminster - Noble Brandon Judah, Jr. Estate, Main House and Gate Houses, built 1925-28; Architect: Philip Lippincott Goodwin; local listing 9/17/1998
  • 211 W. Westminster - Noble Brandon Judah, Jr. Estate, Pool & Gazebos, built 1925-28; Architect: Philip Lippincott Goodwin; local listing 9/17/1998
  • 255 Illinois Road - Deerpath Inn, built 1928; Architects: William C. Jones, 1928, Stanley D. Anderson, alterations 1938; local listing 9/17/1998
  • 810 S. Ridge Road - Robert P. Lamont House, "West View Farms", built 1924; Architect: Howard Van Doren Shaw; local listing 9/17/1998
  • 89 E. Deerpath - Edward H. Bennett House and Studio, "Bagatelle", built 1915-16; Architect: Edward H. Bennett; local listing 9/17/1998
  • 1525 N. Lake Road - Lake Forest Cemetery 1857; Landscape Architect: Ossian Cole Simonds; Stone and Wrought Iron Entrance Gate, built 1919; local listing 12/18/2000
  • 595 Circle Lane - Edith Rockefeller McCormick & Harold McCormick Estate, "Villa Turicum" Garden Elements, 1908-18; Architect: Charles Adam Platt; listing 12/18/2000
  • 188 Foster Place - Louis E. Swift Estate, Garden Wall; local listing 07/2002
  • 1203 Griffith Road - Sears Catalogue Home; local listing 2002
  • 365 E. Westleigh Road - William E. Clow, Jr. House, "Twin Doors", built 1939-40; Architect: Stanley D. Anderson & James Ticknor; local listing 2003
  • 436 S. Green Bay Road - William E. Clow, Jr. House, "Twin Doors", built 1939-40; Architect: Stanley D. Anderson & James Ticknor;; local listing 2003
  • 251 King Muir Road - Henry K. Turnbull House, built 1928; Architect: Howard Irwin; local listing 8/2/2004
  • 1100 Jensen Drive – Gordon Phelps Kelley House, built 1938; Architect: Lincoln Norcott Hall; local listing 11/18/2004
  • 955 Mellody Road – built 1928; Architects: William T. Braun & Stanley D. Anderson; local listing 3/7/2005
  • 404 N. Green Bay Road – Calvin Fentress, Jr. House, built 1965; Architect John Volk; local listing 3/17/2005
  • 870 W. Deerpath - Entrance Gates to the Albert Blake Dick, Sr. Estate “Westmoreland”, built 1902; Architect: James Gamble Rogers; local listing 7/5/2005
  • 104 Atteridge Road – Carl Vogt, Jr. House; built 1915-1916; local listing 10/6/2005
  • 1701 W. Kennedy Road – Baggott House, “Blithefield”; built 1929; Architects: Oldefest & Williams; local listing 4/20/2006
  • 525 Broadsmoore Drive - The James Ward Thorne House; built 1911-1913; Architects: William A. Otis & Edwin H. Clark; local listing 4/20/2006
  • 580 Broadsmoore Drive - The James Ward Thorne Estate Gardener's Cottage and Pump House; Architect William Otis & Edwin H. Clark; local listing 11/06/06
  • 1275 N. Waukegan Road - The Clarence W. Hubbard House; built 1929; Architect Ralph Varney; local listing 10/15/2007
  • 1536 Estate Lane - The Albert D. Lasker Estate "Milk House"; built 1926; Architect David Adler; local listing 4/7/08
  • 721 North Mayflower Road - The Mrs. William E. Clow, Jr. House; built 1954; Architect Stanley D. Anderson and Associates; local listing 8/4/2008
  • 344 E. Wisconsin Avenue - The George H. Fitzgerald House, built 1902; local listing 8/4/2008
  • 1150 E. Westleigh Road - The Cyrus McCormick, Jr. "Walden" Estate Implements Shed; built 1907; local listing 8/4/2008
  • 1522 Estate Lane - The Albert D. Lasker Estate "Dove Cote"; built in 1925-1928; local listing 10/6/2008Local Historic Districts

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