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Open Air Market


7th Annual City of Lake Forest Open Air Market

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Looking forward to the 2017 season with exciting new changes and location. The Market opens June 17, 2017. Here is our list of 2017 businesses:

2017 Vendors:

  Food Share Food (CSA), Lake Forest, IL 
Pasquesi's on the Square, Lake Forest, IL
  Churchill Orchards, Coloma, MI
Apple Holler, Wisconsin 
Twin Garden Farms, Harvard, IL
4 Elements Natural Bath, Mundelein, IL
  The Plant Kid, Lake Forest, IL
  Kleiner's Crackers, Fox Lake, IL
  Alden Hills Organic Farms, Walworth, WI
  Starbucks Coffee, Special Reserve, Lake Forest, IL

  The Daily Grind, meat and fish, Lake Forest, IL
  Caputo's Cheese Deli, Lake Forest, IL
  Sweet Pete's, candy and dessert, Lake Forest, IL

  Einstein Bagels, Lake Forest, IL
  Food & Wine, Lake Forest, IL
  Left Bank Hot Dogs, Lake Forest, IL
  Lake Forest Juice, Lake Forest, IL
  Market House for lunch, Lake Forest, IL
  Amidei Market in the Alley, Lake Forest, IL
  Food Stuffs, Lake Forest, IL
  Sweets, candy and ice cream, Lake Forest, IL
  Gerhard's Elegant European Desserts, croissants, Lake Forest, IL
  Oven-baked pizza, Lake Forest, IL
  Homemade Gnocchi, Lake Forest, IL
  Organic Popcorn, Lake Forest, IL 

Meet Churchill Orchards from Coloma, Michigan.   Watch his peach branch grow each and time your peach pie.  Paul Friday is a fruit farmer who specializes in peaches. He has developed the Flamin’ Fury peach series which is claimed to be “the sweetest and most flavorful” peach. Paul Friday’s farm also grows sweet cherries and strawberries. Paul is a Michigan peach breeder with 52 years of experience. Paul and his wife Luiba farm 30 acres of land, two-thirds of which is designated for growing his trademarked Flamin’ Fury peaches. Paul not only farms, but is also dedicated to providing communities with good local food. As part of this commitment Paul served 5 terms as president of the Michigan Certified Farm Marketers, president of the National Peach Council, and ravels to speak about his peach varieties and growing practices.

Meet Twin Gardens known for Mirai Corn Harvard IL  Twin Garden Farms was founded over 60 years ago in 1954 by George and Ruth Ahrens. The farm is still in the family and is currently run by third and fourth-generation farmer family members. Since day one, George’s mantra quality and consistency has been the focus of Twin Garden Farms. To the Ahrens, Twin Garden Farms is more than just a farm. It is a way of life and they are passionate about what they do. The farm is located on 400 acres in Harvard, IL. While, the Ahrens have planted just about every vegetable you can imagine, their specialty is Mirai sweet corn. Mirai sweet corn is a hybrid that was developed by the Ahrens right in Harvard, IL. Deemed the sweetest, most tender, and flavorful corn available, it is known for its extraordinary taste, texture, and tenderness. The Ahrens would like to share their passion with you and even invite you to visit them on their farm.

Meet Apple Holler, local, family owned farm for over 50 years.  Dave and Vicki Flannery and their family operate Apple Holler on their 74 acre apple orchard. Their apple orchard contains more than 30,000 dwarf apple trees 30 varities. Apple picking season begins in August and runs through October. Besides just apples, Apple Holler also grows a variety of other produce including sugar snap peas, peaches, pears, and pumpkins. Apple Holler’s farming philosophy states: “We believe that it is our duty and responsibility to provide your family and ours with the 

highest quality of healthy, wholesome produce; while also caring for our environment, wildlife and community with responsible pest management solutions.” Apple Holler uses a system of Integrated Pest Management to responsibly control pest outbreaks and to ensure that their crop is both environmentally safe and economically sound.

Meet Alden Hills Organic Farm.  Our Story: Alden Hills Organic Farms is a family owned farm located right outside Walworth, WI near the southern shore of beautiful Lake Geneva.  Our Mission: Our mission at Alden Hills Organic Farms is simple: to provide you and your family with the healthiest, highest-quality meat and vegetables that we can produce.  Alden Hills Organic Farms is a firm believer that wholly nourishing food comes by building a farm eco-system from the soil up, and because of this we have all of our acreage either MOSA certified Organic or in the process of being certified. We believe that the best way we can provide the highest quality food is by offering USDA certified Organic eggs, chicken, vegetables and (soon-to-be-certified-Organic) 100% grass-fed beef.


220 E. Deerpath, Lake Forest, IL 60045
(847) 234-2600
Non-Emergency Police:  (847) 234-2601

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