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Building Permits

Building permits are required to ensure that minimum building standards are met for your safety, as well as that of future property owners of the property.

Building permits are issued by the Community Development Department located at the Municipal Services Center, 800 Field Drive. Permit applications may be picked up at the Community Development Department or downloaded from the links provided on this page. For your convenience, a checklist of information that is required with each permit submittal is included with the permit applications. When applying for a permit, all of the appropriate applications, along with the required architectural and/or engineering drawings must be submitted in full to the Community Development Department. Only complete applications will be accepted.

If there is a home improvement project in your future, view our Quick Tips below to make the project go smoothly. If you are unsure whether your project requires a building permit, contact the Community Development staff  at 847-810-3502.

Here are some tips to help ensure your project go smoothly:

  • If you have questions about zoning setbacks, building scale, compatibility with other homes in your neighborhood, tree preservation, Board and Commission reviews or other issues, contact the Community Development early in the process. We can help save you time and money!
  • Be sure you or your contractor obtains a permit before beginning work.
  • Submit clear and complete plans and an up to date survey of your property with all building permit applications to avoid delays and problems down the line.
  • If your plans change after permits are issued, submit revised plans before you allow your contractor to do work that differs from the approved plans.
  • Instruct your contractor to keep the site and the street clean, avoid parking on neighbors' lawns or obstructing driveways, and to keep all construction, erosion and tree preservation fencing in place until approval is granted to remove it.
  • Did you know that violations such as doing work without a permit, performing work that differs from the approved plans and removal of required fencing can result in a Stop Work Order and fines?
  • Be sure your contractor calls for a final inspection at the end of your job. A new or replacement house may not be legally occupied until a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. For other projects, a final inspection is required. If you have any questions about whether your contractor has met all the requirements necessary to close out a permit, contact the Community Development Department.
  • A permit that is not closed out at the end of a project is recorded against the deed to your property and causes delays in the future when the property is sold. In addition, cash bonds are often required at the beginning of a project and are collected when the building permit is issued. This money comes from you, the property owner. Unless needed to correct damage to public property, this money is returned to the property owner at the completion of a project, but only after all necessary final inspections have occurred.

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