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Irish Dance


From beginner to champ, students are instructed in a nurturing and caring environment. Our choreography focuses on form and technique as well as stamina and flexibility. Students are never required to compete but all are given the opportunity.

Intro to Irish Dance is offered to preschool students who are taking Irish dance for the first time!  Dancers will learn basic skills and beginner dances such as the traditional Irish Jig. (Dancers are not required to purchase shoes or socks yet).  Children must be four years old by 9/1.

Irish Step Dance Advanced Beginner is offered to students ages 7 and up. New dancers will begin with the basics.  Dancers who have been dancing for at least 1 year will learn more difficult dances and can begin competing in competitions!  Attire: Dancers are required to have Irish dance soft shoes and socks.

Irish Step Dance Novice is offered to students who have been dancing for at least 3 years. Dancers will learn both soft and hard shoe dances and compete in competitions. Attire: Dancers are required to have soft AND hard shoes.

Irish Step Dance Open/PC/Champ is offered to the most advanced dancers who have been dancing for 5+ years. Dancers compete at higher levels and wear solo dresses.

Class Attire:

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