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Our academy jazz classes blend the technical styles of ballet and modern; while teaching principles of correct placement, line and movement quality in an upbeat, ever moving environment. Jazz dance showcases individual style, and originality, unique movements, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. Various music styles are used in our energetic and fun classes. C level classes offered.

Intro to Jazz is designed to transition the child from Preschool Dance to the Graded Levels.  This class will challenge the child who has studied on a preschool level while also serving to introduce beginning students to the jazz dance form.

Jazz 1 provides a strong technical foundation while exploring rhythm and movement dynamics through energetic exercises and choreography.

Jazz 2 provides a deeper understanding of jazz technique including a focus on pirouettes in various styles. Strength is enhanced through leaps, jumps and core work. 

Jazz 3 is the stepping stone for more advanced jazz and contemporary work.  It further explores jazz technique and introduces the contemporary/lyrical style into the exercises and choreography.  Concurrent registration in a Ballet class is required at this level and above.

Jazz 4 consists of intermediate jazz and contemporary/lyrical work. This class presents material at a challenging pace. Concurrent registration in a Ballet class is required at this level and above.

Jazz 5 consists of advanced jazz and contemporary/lyrical work. This class focuses on more complex floor work and leaps and turns in various combinations.  This level demands a mature approach to the understanding of movement. Concurrent registration in a Ballet class is required at this level.

Teen/Adult Jazz 1 classes are designed for older students with little or no dance background who would like to begin the study of jazz dance.

Teen/Adult Jazz 2 offers continued jazz dance study in a professional environment focusing on leaps and turns. This is a great class for adults interested in a basic jazz dance class.     
Teen/Adult Jazz 3 offers intermediate jazz for teen and adult dancers.

Teen/Adult Latin Jazz combines the solid skills and technique of Jazz dance and the sizzle of Latin Jazz and you’ve got a great class with trendy music and fun routines.  This is a perfect class for trying out new dance forms or brushing up on your moves.

Jumps and Turns 1 is an extension of our Jazz 2 and Pom 3 syllabi and is available to students by teacher recommendation. We will continue to work on flexibility, strength and tricks.                                                                                                                                                        

Jumps and Turns 2 is an extension of our level 3 Jazz syllabus.  Here dancers continue to move forward with layering multiple tricks in fast combinations.

Class Attire:

Solid color leotard, Tan tights (no shimmer), Tan jazz shoes
Black jazz pants may be worn at the discretion of the teacher.
Hair is to be worn in bun or ponytail.
Boys - Solid white shirt/ black sweatpants, Tan jazz shoes.

220 E. Deerpath, Lake Forest, IL 60045
(847) 234-2600
Non-Emergency Police:  (847) 234-2601

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