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Kinderhaven - Blue Class


Classes for children  2½ through 5½ years of age



What are we studying?

The transition into the Blue class these past couple weeks has gone smoothly.  Most of our kids in the Blue class came from the Purple class with a few new additions that fit perfectly. Our whole class has become a community that works and plays together.

A Look into the Blue Class

As we were looking to see what the majority of the kids were interested in, we found that many of them were asking about the different ocean animals and creatures that we have in the classroom.  We began to talk about the coral and different types that may be found in the ocean.  A few types that were talked about are brain, staghorn, elkhorn, and tube coral.  From the coral, we have found interest in what lives deep in the ocean and have began to look at the deep sea and the drop off areas.  Luke mentioned that, “Lantern fish live in the deep sea,” and that, “they have a light to help them see.”  This began a discussion about fish with lights and what they may be used for.  This interest is continuing to grow.  

We have started to work in our writing journals on a daily basis.  We began with horizontal and vertical lines, which moved into circles.  Next week, we will begin the alphabet, where each letter will have two days spent on it.  When working on journals, the class is encouraged to trace their name and the letter of the day and attempt the letter on their own.  At the top of their page, they are encouraged to draw a picture of an item that starts with the letter.


If your child is in the process of potty training, please remind them to try to use the bathroom upon arriving to school before going out to the play ground.

If a toy is brought to school, it is best to leave it in your child’s backpack to avoid it breaking or getting lost.

Please encourage your child to eat a good breakfast.We do feed the class snack but it is just a snack, which will not fill them up for their morning.


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Blue class is learning about the coral reef and the deep sea by the drop off.  An interest has sparked in lantern fish and fish that glow or have lights.  





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