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Kinderhaven - Take Two Class



Classes for children  2½ through 5½ years of age




This is a class of fun and exploration, which allows students to get more in depth with distinct subject areas, like science, art, literature, geography, history and much more! Developed around the Reggio philosophy carried out in the preschool, the children’s interests will spark exciting and fascinating projects! Have your child bring a peanut free snack and his/her lunch for a morning of fun!
Loc: Lake Forest Recreation Center, Studio 5
Instr: L. Moulton, C. Faudel


News from Take Two: 

We have our first parent coming in tomorrow to share a bit of their family culture in China!  Thank you Lo Family!

Let us know if you have any cultural family traditions the rest of the class would like to share. Parents could join us briefly during our morning circle time or just send in some simple information/ pictures with your child!

To begin our exploration into cultures, the teachers shared our backgrounds yesterday. Mrs. Faudel shared that her family was originally from the country of Germany (among other places) and she was born in New Mexico and grew up in Illinois. Her family loves to cook together and one of their family traditions is sharing what they are most thankful for.  Mrs. Moulton's family comes from Sweden (among other places) and she grew up in Iowa - which has a rich cultural history! (wink wink :) Her family likes to make cut out cookies together and one of our biggest traditions is playing a card game we learned from our grandparents called "double deck solitaire". It can be intense! :)

We talked at circle time about all the ways we are the same and all the ways we are different.  For instance, some of us celebrate different holidays and many of us celebrate the same holidays.  Everyone seems to celebrate Halloween! ;)

We would love to hear about your families culture and traditions! We have obtained library books on many countries and also have special wooden boxes from every continent that share pictures of animals and food and also coins and other treasures from many different countries!

The diversity in our world is so awesome!!!  

Mrs. Faudel and Mrs. Moulton
Kinderhaven Preschool Academy



Music / Child's Development

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The Take Two students have been enjoying our yoga activity. Yoga is a wonderful experience for people of all ages both physically and mentally.

This activity requires patience, as only one student may use the yoga mat at a time and also promotes focus and concentration as they study each picture and decide how to create the yoga pose with their bodies. 

If any of you would like to create this simple work at home, we can provide copies of these yoga poses so you can make these simple books at home.

Just ask us for copies!

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We are so excited to welcome a new teacher, Linda Norak, to our Take Two Classroom: 

Science:  We were busy scientists this week and were inspired by all the melting going on outside. We created giant chunks of ice and had a wonderful discussion about how ice is made and why and how it melts. The children noted that sometimes their parents put salt on their driveways to help melt the snow faster - so people don't fall down.

We wondered why salt melts the ice faster? We decided to try putting salt on our ice but also trying something else similar to salt... sugar. The scientists each created a hypothesis (fancy word for "guess") about what would happen to the ice and if sugar would have the same effect as the salt.

The students are doing a fabulous job during circle time raising their hands, taking turns and listening to each other's ideas. 

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Linda’s Biography:

My name is Linda Norak and I have lived in Lake Forest for over 30 years. I am married to my husband, Andy. Our two sons, Steven 27 and Daniel 24 were born and raised in Lake Forest, attending District 67 elementary school and Lake Forest High School. We also have a wonderful Golden Retriever, Annie.

We spent many years at the Lake Forest Rec Center, involved with fun and memorable activities including Sports with Dad as toddlers and preschoolers. T-Ball, Baseball, Flag Football, Satellite, Floor Hockey, Basketball and Football as our sons were growing up. The Halloween, Holiday Events at LF Rec Center activities were fun annual activities with cherished photos and art creations still displayed in our home. Both boys also had birthday parties at the Rec Center years ago.

My two passions are art and children! My undergraduate major is Fine Arts, Art History and Art Education. I graduated from DePaul University, Chicago as a kindergarten through grade 12 art educator. I was fortunate to teach Pre-K through 8th grade Art to typically developing children as well as children with special needs in Wilmette, Winnetka and Highland Park, for 12 years. I stayed home to raise our family while creating, selling, and donating my original art work through LTN Design Studios and volunteering in District 67 schools. I also volunteered for 10 years teaching art in North Chicago, through the Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Art Associates of the Art Institute. As our sons were attending college, I also decided to return to graduate school to complete my Master of Education in Special Education , including certifications in Early Childhood Birth-age 8; Early Childhood Special Education from birth; as well as LBS-1 Specialist ages 5-22, at National Louis University. Working supporting young students ages 3-12 through NSSED ( North Suburban Special Education District) since 2009, supporting young children and their families, with cognitive and physical challenges including mild, moderate and severe and profound cognitive and physical developmental delay has been very rewarding. Supporting young children and their families with high and low incidence challenges including, Autism Spectrum, ADD and ADHD, learning Disabilities, Seizure Disorders, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and other developmental challenges is a privilege I am most proud. I also support children in general education ages 3-12, as well as, children with Special Needs with IEPs and 504 plans through private tutoring in Lake Forest/Lake Bluff and surrounding communities.

My hobbies include painting with oil, watercolor and french dyes on silk; drawing with pencil, charcoal and pastels. My favorite is plein aire at Lake Forest Beach! I also enjoy creating jewelry and art wear for women and children. I am thrilled to return to Lake Forest as an educator to support children and their families at the Lake Forest Rec Center, a place dear to my families' heart.

Welcome Mrs. Norak! :)

Class parent information

220 E. Deerpath, Lake Forest, IL 60045
(847) 234-2600
Non-Emergency Police:  (847) 234-2601

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