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Stirling Hall - Events / Workshops

Stirling Hall Adult Workshops                                                                  register_white

Stirling Hall Art Center is excited to offer a wide range of adult workshops. Workshops are offered during all seasons to provide a variety of options to our students and continuely expand the mediums that are worked with at the art center.

Pit Firing Workshop
Pit firing is a primitive form of low temperature firing that uses various combustibles as fuel. In this two day workshop students will learn the different firing methods and materials, explore surface treatments that enhance marks made during the firing, and construct and fire a bon fire pit kiln using sawdust as our fuel. Pit fired work is not functional. Included in the workshop fee is 25 lbs. of clay.

Location: Stirling Hall, Gallery
Instructor: Patty Kochaver

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Kokeshi Dolls
Kokeshi's are dolls from Northern Japan. They are handmade characterized by a simple trunk and an enlarged head with thin painted lines to define the face. The body is painted in a floral design and characterized by their lack of arms and legs. Emphasis will be given to doll construction, surface treatment and the students own creative touch.

Location: Stirling Hall, Studio 4
Instructor: Robin Power

Try Spinning the Wheel
Have you been wanting to try throwing on the wheel? Do you enjoy cermics? Come on out and "Try Spinning the Wheel". This FREE one day class will offer any ceramic enthusiasts a chance to try throwing pottery for the first time on the wheel. We know you will love it as soon as you get your hands in the clay.

Location: Stirling Hall. Studio 3
Instructor: Karen Avery

Sculpting Santa Claus
In this one day workshop students may expect to complete a 12" terra cotta Santa Claus that may be under glazed and filled with good feelings and holiday cheer.

Location: Stirling Hall, Studio 4
Instructor: Robin Power


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