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Laurel and Western Avenues Redevelopment


Construction Activity began on the Laurel and Western Avenues Redevelopment site in the Fall of 2016.  The three apartment buildings are under roof and the model single family home is underway.

As work at the Laurel and Western Avenues redevelopment site continues over the summer months and into the fall, some additional work is necessary in the rights-of-way.  The work will include the addition of diagonal parking spaces on Western Avenue, the installation of a new storm sewer, extension of water and sanitary sewer services, construction of new sidewalks, repaving of streets, and plantings in the parkway.  Some of this work is underway already.  The work will cause some intermittent lane closures and at some times, complete closure of streets to vehicular traffic.  The City is working with the developer, Focus Development, in an effort to keep residents, business owners and customers of businesses in the area informed of the scheduled work.

A summary of the upcoming work and related street closures is provided below.  

Ø  Western Avenue – Intermittent Closures.  Utility service lines to the new buildings will be installed from the water and sewer mains in Western Avenue, to the new buildings.  Travel lanes will be open, but will be shifted to accommodate the work.  Pedestrian access will be guided by flaggers.  Some parking spaces along the east side of Western Avenue will be blocked off and used as part of the travel lanes.  

Ø  Western Avenue – Full Closure.  Western Avenue, between Laurel Avenue and Franklin Place, is scheduled to be closed to vehicle traffic beginning on or about July 10th.  The closure is expected to continue for a 10-day period.  The road will be closed to through traffic between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. each day to allow the installation of a new storm sewer down the middle of the street.  The road will be re-opened every evening and will remain open through the nighttime hours.  The City has asked the developer to designate a safe pedestrian path through the construction area at all times.  The City’s Police and Fire personnel will be kept informed of all partial and complete street closures.

Ø  Laurel Avenue – Intermittent Closures.  Some additional utility work will occur on Laurel Avenue this summer and into the early fall.  Short term closures of travel lanes are expected to allow the installation of utility service lines and a new storm sewer.

Ø  Laurel Avenue – Water Shut Off.  To allow the installation of water services to the new buildings, water service to some of the existing buildings on Laurel Avenue will be shut off for limited periods of time.  Focus Development representatives will notify residents in the buildings that will be affected by water shut offs providing specific information on the time and duration of any planned water shut off. 

Thank you for your patience as work continues to complete the work in the rights-of-way this summer and fall.  Please contact Paul Petersen or Cathy Czerniak with questions.

220 E. Deerpath, Lake Forest, IL 60045
(847) 234-2600
Non-Emergency Police:  (847) 234-2601

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