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If your call is an emergency DIAL 911.

If it is not an emergency but requires prompt attention,
please call the non-emergency number 847-234-2601
to be connected to the appropriate on-duty staff member.

Police Lobby Hours:
Monday-Saturday 8AM - 6PM | Closed Sunday and Holidays


EMERGENCY Police/Fire/EMS 9 1 1  
Non-Emergency Public Safety 847-234-2601  
Police Records Division Records  847-810-3845
Fax Police 847-615-4382  
Name Title Phone/Extension Email
Lepkowski, Craig Commander-Patrol/Midnight Shift 847-810-3807
Marquette, Brett Sergeant-Patrol/Midnight Shift 847-810-3966
Davis, Dwight Commander-Patrol/Day Shift 847-810-3808
Zelk, Kevin Sergeant-Patrol/Day Shift 847-810-3816
Lange, Michael Commander-Patrol/Afternoon Shift 847-810-3804
Blitstein, Marty Sergeant-Patrol/Afternoon Shift 847-810-3806
Anderson, Rick Commander-Detective Division 847-810-3811
Gualdoni, Philip Detective 847-810-3964
Grum, Ben Detective/Student Resource Officer 847-810-3817
Long, Mark Detective/Student Resource Officer 847-810-3964
Milczarek, Adam Detective 847-810-3810
Shiu, Andy Detective 847-810-3974
Chrobak, Deb Police Management Analyst 847-810-3814
Records Division Records -Main 847-810-3845
Beyda, Joy Records Clerk  847-810-3842
Medina, Krystal Records Clerk 847-810-3841
Rogoz, Lissarda Records Clerk 847-810-3805
Tappa, Angela Records Clerk 847-810-3834
Lueder-Manetti, Barbara Administrative Assistant 847-810-3801
Gehring, Tim Commander-Administration 847-810-3813
Copeland, Robert Deputy Chief of Police 847-810-3809
Walldorf, Karl Chief of Police 847-810-3803

Police Officers and Community Service Officers have voicemail only.
If you need immediate attention, please call 847-234-2601

Allen, Matthew Police Officer 847-810-3952
Blaul, Daniel Police Officer  847-810-3954 blauld@cityoflakeforest,com
Blomberg, Erik Police Officer 847-810-3951
Christensen, S. Conrad Police Officer 847-810-3818
Daizovi, Paul Police Officer 847-810-3978
DeVries, Troy Police Officer 847-810-3953
Esmon, Brian Police Officer 847-810-3955
Fahey, James Police Officer 847-810-3956
Flesch, Charles Police Officer 847-810-3957
Ginchevski, Todorche Police Officer 847-810-3959
Huck, Steven Police Officer 847-810-3960
Hughes, Michael Police Officer 847-810-3961
Jakob, Matthew Police Officer 847-810-3962
Kruchko, Aaron Police Officer 847-810-3963
Maj, Misa Police Officer 847-810-3970
Miniscalco, David Police Officer 847-810-3967
Molinari, Ashley Police Officer 847-810-3833
Ramirez, Juan Police Officer 847-810-3826
Saieg, Tyler Police Officer 847-810-3950
Senger, Mark Police Officer 847-810-3815
Signa, Matthew Police Officer 847-810-3975
Sineni, Sam Police Officer 847-810-3802
Styx, Zachary Police Officer 847-810-3843
Sulkin, Jeffrey Police Officer 847-810-3977
Caringello, Kyle PT Community Service Officer 847-810-3973
Cordova, Chris PT Community Service Officer 847-810-3973
Flores, Jeidy PT Community Service Officer 847-810-3973
Hansen, Michael PT Community Service Officer 847-810-3973
Smith, Dennis Community Service Officer 847-810-3976





220 E. Deerpath, Lake Forest, IL 60045
(847) 234-2600
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