Forest Park Bluff Stabilization Project

Latest Construction Update
Updated: 1/22/24

What's Happening in January and February:
The retaining wall is complete, which will help stabilize the bluff slope into the future. The contractor will be working on the grading and landscaping along the north end of the project and hauling away excavated materials from the jobsite during the months of January and February 2024 (weather permitting). The tree planting and shrubs installation within the boardwalk will be completed in the spring.

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Watch a video of project engineer Dave Kraft explaining what to expect in the first few weeks of construction and what the project will look like upon completion.

The City of Lake Forest is installing a retaining wall and drainage features to ensure the long-term stability of the bluff at Forest Park.

Previous bluff stabilization focused on the north and south ends of the bluff, this project addresses the remaining areas of concern in the middle portion of the bluff. The Forest Park Bluff Stabilization Project includes installing three retaining wall segments, wick slope drains for sub-surface drainage, surface drainage improvements, bio-swales, and restoration of any impacted areas with native seed and plant material. Although there are ongoing fundraising efforts to replace the boardwalk, it is not currently included in the scope of this project.

To avoid peak beach and boating season, the project will start after Labor Day 2023 and be complete before Memorial Day weekend 2024 (weather permitting).

Forest Park Bluff Project Schedule 8.16.23

Project Area
Forest Park Bluff Project Area Map 8.16.23

Anticipated Impacts
What to expect during construction:
- Parts of each parking lot will remain open throughout the project. However, portions of the lots must be closed for crews to access the work zone.
- Pedestrian access will remain open for most of the beach, except for the construction zone area. Beach sidewalk access will remain open between the south and north parking lots.
- Site preparation includes tree and brush clearing activities. Once construction is completed, significant restoration of the bluff utilizing native plant materials will occur.
- To avoid closing the beach sidewalk, part of the boat compound is being utilized as an access-path for construction equipment. Boats can still be transported back and forth to the water.
- Working hours will be Monday-Friday from 7 am-7 pm and Saturday-Sunday from 8 am to 6 pm, as needed.

 Stay Informed
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 Construction Contact
Engineering Assistant Bernard Pondexter, (847) 810-3556 or

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