frequently asked questions

1) Can non-residents be buried at Lake Forest Cemetery?

Lake Forest Cemetery is a municipally-owned cemetery primarily for residents of Lake Forest, Illinois. Lot or niche purchases and burials are restricted to Lake Forest and Lake Bluff residents. Current Lake Forest residents can purchase lots in the cemetery at the Resident Rate. Former Lake Forest residents or current Lake Bluff residents can purchase lots or niches in the cemetery at the Non-Resident Rate. All purchases by non-residents must first receive the approval of the Lake Forest Cemetery Commission. Lake Forest Cemetery offers a range of burial choices including family estate lots, monument lots, individual lots, cremation lots and niche spaces in the Memorial Garden.

2) Are plots still available at Lake Forest Cemetery?

Yes, plots and Memorial Garden niche spaces are still available throughout the cemetery. Please contact the Cemetery Administration Office to schedule an appointment, pricing and availability. Please call the Cemetery Administration Office: (847) 810-4660.

3) May we plant a tree in Lake Forest Cemetery?

Not directly. Memorial trees may be donated or purchased in designated areas approved by the Cemetery Sexton. Please contact the Cemetery Administration Office for specific information.

4) Does Lake Forest Cemetery have a payment plan?

Once a grave lot or niche is purchased, full payment must be received prior to the end of the fiscal year (April 30). Grave and niche prices typically increase annually on May 01.

5) May flowers be planted on cemetery plots?

Yes, planting is permitted provided that planting are within the guidelines outlines in the "Guidelines for Cemetery Decorations."

6) Is a vault required for burial?

Yes, vaults are mandatory for standard, in-ground burials. In-ground cremains burials must be enclosed in a sealed, non-biodegradable container -or- placed in an urn vault.

7) Is a cremation urn permitted in the same plot with an existing burial?

Yes, with written authorization from the plot owner, and upon payment of opening and closing charges.

8) May opening and closing charges be paid in advance?

Yes, interment fees may be pre-paid to lock in rates at current prices. Interment fees usually increase on May 01 of each year.

*Additional inquires may be directed to the Cemetery Administration Office*

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