2010 Census

The most frequently requested data is provided below regarding the 2010 Census. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for or if you have additional questions regarding Lake Forest demographics, contact the Community Development Department at 847.810.3511.

Census data is also available for any state, county, or municipality through the Census Bureau website.

Quick Facts about Lake Forest from the 2010 Census
  • Total Population: 19,375
  • Median Age: 45.5 Years
  • Total Number of Housing Units: 7,444
  • Total Number of Households: 6,763
  • Households with Individuals Under 18 Years Old: 2,392
  • Households with Individuals 65 Years and Older: 2,302
  • Average House Hold Size: 2.68

Demographic ProfilesLake Forest Census 2010 Demographic Profile
Lake Forest's demographics at a glance! A concise summary of Lake Forest's Age, Race, and Housing characteristics from the 2010 Census.

Lake Forest Demographics Trend Report 2000-2010
Shows the change in number and percentage from 2000 to 2010 for various demographic categories including Population, Age, Race, and Housing.

Lake Forest Census 2010 Preliminary Observations
Preliminary observations on trends in Population, Race, and Housing from the initial release of Census 2010 data for The City of Lake Forest.
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