Adult Board

In 1980 Committee Representing Our Young Adults (CROYA) was created by The City of Lake Forest and the Village of Lake Bluff. CROYA has been charged with attending to the social and psychological needs of the young adults of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff.

It provides a supportive atmosphere where students can identify their needs and, around those needs, creates structured programs that are both positive and rewarding. Through its programs, students build confidence and self-esteem, develop leadership skills and act as a referral to resources for peers whose needs are beyond their control.

CROYA sponsors weekly youth committee meetings for both the Middle School and High School youth populations. Committee members, appointed by Mayor, represent both Lake Forest and Lake Bluff and serve a maximum of three two-year terms on a staggered basis.

Name Address Telephone
Jennifer Riley - Chair 920 Larchmont Lane, LF 847-283-0563
Carolyn Bielski 318 Winchester Ct., LB 847-915-2197
Chris Carr 318 Ravine Forest Dr., LB 708-557-7574
Jennifer Durburg 115 N Green Bay Rd., LF 847-604-8208
Megan Engelberg 30 S. Sheridan Rd., LF 847-234-3844
Stephanie Mannarino 1179 Grandview Ln., LF 847-604-4265
Kristen Weisberg 631 S. Green Bay Rd., LF 847-287-2562
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