Sustainable City Projects

Sustainability plays an important role in cultivating cultural assets, health & welfare, social justice, and policy in Lake Forest. The City, through the Environmental Sustainability Committee, is working hard to integrate sustainability and environmentally-sensitive practices into City projects.

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Bioswales at South Park

A bioswale is a vegetated open trench designed to temporarily store and infiltrate stormwater with deep-rooted native grasses.

Some benefits to bioswales are:
  • They can reduce runoff volumes
  • They can enhance infiltration
  • Improve water quality



Catch Basins in City Parking Lots

Catch basins are stormwater systems built near parking lots and streets that gathers and filters solids before it is expelled into water systems such as Lake Michigan and City ravines. The catch basins will then
be cleaned periodically as they capture sediment and debris. Catch basins will be installed in concurrence with all new parking lots, or updates to current parking lots to help reduce pollutants in our water systems. 

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Have you seen the EV charging station around town? The City of Lake Forest is working to include these charging stations in parking lots throughout the City. Currently, charging stations are available in the City Hall parking lot, and the Old Elm parking lot. You can find additional charging stations on

Sustainability page Resizing (Facebook Post) (600 x 400 px) - CopyFire Department - Hybrid Vehicle
The City of Lake Forest Fire Department was recently able to purchase a hybrid vehicle! Hybrid vehicles help reduce the emission of CO2 into our environment. Other advantages to this type of vehicle are less dependence on fossil fuels, regenerative braking systems, and automatic start and stop! 


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