Composting at Home

Backyard Composting with an Earth Machine
Purchase an Earth Machine from The City of Lake Forest. It costs only $55 and the City will deliver it to your home and send you an invoice.

Curbside Pickup with Collective Resource, Inc. 
Lake Forest residents interested in composting food waste can now opt to have it picked up weekly or bi-weekly. Collective Resource, Inc., a food scrap pickup service based in Evanston, will pick up food waste as far north as Lake Forest. This company provides residences with a red bucket to fill with food waste and leave at your door. Collected waste is delivered to a commercial composting site to become useful compost, rather than taking up limited space in landfills; composting can reduce household garbage volume by at least 30%.

Different from backyard composting, Collective Resource will pick up anything that was once alive with no dairy, meat, animal waste, or food-soiled paper restrictions. Get started by filling out your contact information or calling 847.733.7665. University of Illinois Extension of Lake County Master Gardeners can also answer technical questions related to home composting. Contact them at 847.223.8627.
Stay Informed!