Reduce Energy ConsumptionDid you know that your electronics are still using energy even when you are not using them? When appliances are idle, they use up to 40% of the energy needed to operate when in use. Use a power strip to control appliances that you use together such as televisions and DVD players and turn off your computer when not in use or enable a stand-by mode to lessen the energy consumption while you are away. Using LED or Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CLF) can also lower the energy consumption in your house. Every little bit helps to lower your energy usage and these small changes are simple to implement.

ComEd also offers some tips here that could also help save on your electric bill:

The Citizen's Utility Board offers some additional programs to help you lower your utility bills while providing incentives also geared towards reducing energy consumption:


Municipal Service Building, 800 N. Field DriveBuilt in 2009, the City's Municipal Services Building received LEED Gold Certification as a sustainable site and for utilizing efficient energy resources, water and materials.  The building houses the departments of Community Development, Building Maintenance, Engineering, Finance, Parks & Forestry and Public Works.

Resident services available there are:  animal licensing, building permits and construction inspections, Compost Center permits, recycling, community sign board applications, real estate transfer tax applications, parking permits, vehicle stickers, water accounts and billing.
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