Authorized Burning/Fireworks

The Lake Forest Fire Department has authorized the below listed fireworks and prescribed burn (open burn) permits. Prescribed burning contractors are authorized to conduct burning at the specified locations within the date ranges provided. Prior to burning and after burning is complete, contractors call to notify the fire department's shift commander and dispatch services. Firework displays are only authorized to take place on the specified date/time. To obtain a permit, click HERE

Why are prescribed burns necessary? 
In short, prescribed burns (also called controlled burns) are a cost-effective way to maintain the health and safety of our nature preserves. Benefits of prescribed burns include: removal of old vegetation which promotes new growth, reduces the spread of invasive species, reduces the risk of wildfires by consuming excess fuel (i.e., dead or downed trees), and creates habitats for various plants and animals. Are animals harmed by these burns? Fire is an important component of the ecology of Lake County, and the native species found here are adapted to fire, making direct impact to wildlife minimal. Controlled fires not only create and enhance habitat for wildlife, but also many habitats are dependent on periodic burning to sustain them. Prescribed burn managers consider known wildlife populations, the weather, and expected fire behavior in order to plan burns accordingly to reduce impact to wildlife. Migrating birds are typically not present when prescribed burns occur and other wildlife present simply leave, burrow, or hide in nests or unaffected areas. Reptiles and amphibians are usually overwintering and not present/active during the prescribed burn season.

To learn more, visit our local organizations Lake Forest Open Lands and Lake County Forest Preserves, who help to control and maintain these areas by safely conducting prescribed burns. Watch this controlled burn video conducted by Lake County Forest Preserves. 
Residents are encouraged to call the fire department (non-emergency 847-234-2601) to report unauthorized prescribed burning conducted within Lake Forest.
*Authorized burns conducted during safe weather conditions and pose no threat, emergency, or safety concern, will not be shut down.*

 Description  Opening Date/Time  Closing Date/Time
OPEN BURN - Deerpath Golf Course
500 W Deerpath
April 01, 2024 : April 30, 2024 :

OPEN BURN - Native Restoration
500 block of W Old Mill
February 05, 2024 : March 04, 2024 :

OPEN BURN - Native Restoration
Valley Rd & Barnswallow
February 05, 2024 : March 04, 2025 :

OPEN BURN - Onwentsia Club
300 N Green Bay Road
January 15, 2024 : February 15, 2024 :

OPEN BURN - Lake Forest Open Lands
Multiple Locations (see notes)
October 01, 2023 : October 05, 2024 :

OPEN BURN - Lake County Forest Preserves
Multiple Locations (see notes)
July 22, 2023 : June 01, 2024 :

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