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Premise Alert Program

The Illinois Premise Alert Program (PAP Act) Public Act 96-0788 provides for Public Safety Agencies in the State of Illinois to allow people with disabilities, special needs, or both to provide information to police, fire and EMS personnel to be kept in a database. The information provided can be used to offer guidance and assistance to public safety workers in responding to and assisting those persons with disabilities or special needs. Families, caregivers, or the person with a disability or special needs may provide this information. The information provided will be kept confidential and used only to provide first responders with the information needed to deal with situations or emergencies involving a special needs person. The notification expires two (2) years after the date it is submitted. Information must be updated every two years, or whenever the information changes. You may update or renew it at any time by re-filing the form with the Lake Forest Fire or Police Departments.

Another great option is to register with Smart911! A way to provide more detailed information about your household, vehicles, pets, service animals (including pictures), and more!  Learn more here by visiting Smart911.com or download the app.

Information regarding individual with special needs/disability:

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