Department Statistics

The following statistical information provides a breakdown of incidents the Lake Forest Fire Department has responded to each year for the past six years. The information provides total call volume within a calendar year as well as a breakdown of fire and EMS responses. In addition to actual fires, fire related responses also include call types such as: special incident, severe weather or natural disaster related, false alarm or call, good intent call, service call, hazardous conditions, or related to overheat or explosion with no fire. Call types are determined and defined by The National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS). *In the year 2020 call volumes across the industry decreased due to impacts from COVID-19 pandemic.* 

  Fire Response EMS Response Total Call Volume
2023 1,601 2,406 4,007
2022 1,548 2,151 3,699
2021 1,536 1,905 3,441
2020 1,227 1,699 2,926
2019 1,580 2,100 3,680
2018 1,558 1,731 3,289
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