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crosswalksThe City of Lake Forest strives to provide safe, efficient pedestrian crossings by installing and maintaining marked crosswalks. In all locations where there is substantial conflict between vehicle and pedestrian movement and significant pedestrian concentrations occur, traffic movements are controlled.

How does the City determine where or when to add a crosswalk?

The Traffic Safety Committee will evaluate the warrants and criteria for installing pedestrian crosswalks. A traffic engineering study may be completed to determine if a particular location meets the requirement for a marked crosswalk and/or other traffic control devices. The traffic engineering study analyzes vehicle speeds, traffic volume, historical crash data from the specific location, pedestrian counts, and any sight obstructions. The Traffic Safety Committee also follows the best practice guidelines outlined in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

Why aren’t crosswalks recommended in the middle of a block?

Traffic is not controlled by stop signs or traffic signals at mid-block crosswalks. Additionally, mid-block crossings frequently have reduced visibility due to elevation or curves within the road. These marked crossings may not always be readily apparent to drivers from a safe stopping distance.

Additionally, pedestrian crosswalks should not be located on arterial roads or roads with a speed limit greater than 30 miles per hour unless in conjunction with signalization.

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