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Miscellaneous Signs

The City received multiple requests for a variety of miscellaneous signs throughout the year. The City adheres to all State and Federal regulations and the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) for the installation of signs.

Children at play signs

Children at Play signs are often requested by residents in an effort to provide added protection to their children near roadways. Parents hope that signs will encourage drivers to slow down and drive cautiously. The concern for the safety of children is very important and is shared by City officials.

Unfortunately, “Children at Play” signs may not be the best solution. Here’s why:

  • Signs are used to warn of consistent, not occasional, conditions: Warning signs are effective when they warn drivers of consistent conditions. Studies have shown that when signs are overused or indicate conditions that are not likely or consistent, drivers start ignoring the signs. Because children are not likely to be consistently playing at a particular location in the neighborhood (unlike playgrounds or parks), “Children at Play” signs placed there could lose their effectiveness.

  • Studies have shown the “Children at Play” signs in residential areas to not reduce vehicle speeds or pedestrian accidents.

  • Children at Play signs may suggest to children that it is acceptable to play in city streets, which could lead to devastating results. These signs create a false sense of security in both parents and children. It is important to teach children to respect moving vehicles and be safe pedestrians. Most importantly, children should not play in or near roadways.

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