Firefighter Pension Fund Board

Under State of Illinois statutes, each municipality of a population of 5,000 or greater is required to administer its own Fire Pension Fund through a Board of Trustees. Lake Forest’s Board was established by City ordinance in 1941. The board consisted of five members and term of office is three years. The Fund is financed primarily through a property tax levy, with supplemental mandatory employee contributions.

The Board meets quarterly in January, April, July and October.  

 Board of Trustee Members

Michael Mounts (President)
Patrick Issel (Secretary)
Dave Andersen (elected retired member)
Gerard Toohey (Trustee, mayoral appointee)
Patrick Lindemann (Trustee, mayoral appointee)
Elizabeth Holleb (Ex-Officio Treasurer, Director of Finance)


Agendas and Minutes


10/17/24 Regular Meeting
07/18/24 Regular Meeting Agenda      
04/18/24 Regular Meeting Agenda      
01/18/24 Regular Meeting Agenda      

10/19/23 Regular Meeting Minutes      
07/20/23 Regular Meeting Minutes      
05/09/23 Regular Meeting Minutes      
04/20/23 Regular Meeting Minutes      
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