Tax Rates

Property tax revenue accounts for more than 50% of the City’s General Fund revenue.  The City is a home-rule municipality and may impose any type of property tax levy without a rate limitation, except where specifically prohibited by State Statute.  The City Council adopts a tax levy ordinance, which must be filed by the last Tuesday of each December with the County Clerk.  The County determines the property tax rate required to generate the taxes approved in the levy ordinance.  This rate is imposed equally upon all taxable properties based on the equalized assessed valuation (EAV).  The County is required by Statute to collect real estate taxes on behalf of the City.  The collection rate for this revenue source is nearly 100%, making it a reliable, stable and predictable revenue source.

View the Annual Tax Levy Extension Report – review historical information regarding how the City’s property tax revenue is allocated and how it has changed over time.

Where do my tax dollars go?
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The City represents 22% of the total property tax bill in Lake Forest. 

Lake Forest residents continue to enjoy the lowest overall property tax rate in Lake County.

2023 Levy Rate Comparables Graphic

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