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Home Sewer Inspection Program

In 2003, the City Council approved an ordinance requiring a home sewer inspection and final payment of water bills before water billing can be transferred from a seller to a buyer.  This requirement applies to single family residences and duplexes.  The Home Sewer Inspection Program was established by the City Council in response to the flooding that occurred in the community during Fall 2001.  The purpose of the inspection is to identify and correct any unauthorized connections to the sanitary sewer.  Connections that allow storm water to enter the sanitary sewer system can contribute to flooding in homes in the immediate area, as well as homes downstream.

Application for Home Sewer InspectionTo request a home sewer inspection, a completed application should be submitted to the Community Development Department by email to Jessica Linders, by mail or in person at 800 N. Field Drive.  The $150 inspection fee can be paid in person or online, with a link provided for payment by City staff.  Upon receiving the completed application and inspection fee, Community Development staff will contact the property owner, or designated individual, to set up a time for the inspection.  Inspections can be completed up to 120 days prior to the date of transferring a water billing from one party to another.

InspectionsThe home sewer inspection is scheduled within 10 working days of receiving an application.  The inspection is conducted by a City inspector.  All inspectors carry a City of Lake Forest identification card and drive a City vehicle. The inspection takes about one hour and requires access to the yard and the interior of the house. The inspection includes, but is not limited to, checking down spouts, sump pumps, and yard drains to determine whether they are connected to the sanitary sewer system.  In some situations, inspectors may use dye to determine whether connections to the sanitary system exist.

Inspection ResultsAfter the inspection is complete, the inspector will provide the homeowner with a verbal report on whether any unauthorized connections were found.

If a Certificate of Compliance is issued, no violations have been identified.  The Certificate will be forwarded to the Finance Department to finalize the water bill and verify that all other unpaid bills have been paid.   A real estate transaction checklist has been developed to help those residents buying and selling real estate in Lake Forest work through that process.

If a Notice of Violation is issued, information will be provided to the property owner about the corrections that need to be made by mail.  All required permits must be obtained before the work is done.  Once the corrections have been completed, a re-inspection should be scheduled with the Community Development Department.  A re-inspection fee of $50.00 is payable prior to the inspection.  A Certificate of Compliance will be issued upon completion of a successful inspection.

A copy of the Ordinance establishing the Home Sewer Inspection Program is available in the Community Development Department.
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