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Mayor Announcement


Mayor Lansing made the following remarks at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, September 5, 2018:

"Tonight, the City Council once again has completed important policy actions
and deliberations essential to sustaining Lake Forest as one of the finest
communities in America — This work only occurs through the generous
commitment of time, intellect, and informed fair mindedness of citizen
volunteer Aldermen and women, the many members of Lake Forest’s boards
and commissions, — AND the dedication of a highly qualified and talented
City staff and its senior leadership —

All this said, there are also personal costs associated with citizen
volunteering on behalf of the City — In my case, the time pressures of
running an expanding financial services firm, heading an enterprising
family, and being an available grandparent, combined with being Mayor
exceed my expectations of 18 months ago — The work of Mayor I have
found to be exactly what I thought, however the other facets of my life have
grown and evolved more than expected such that, at an entirely personal
level, I am neither comfortable nor satisfied with the time I have available to
devote to all of these priorities —

Therefore, after long, thoughtful consideration, I have decided not to pursue
a second term as Mayor — I have apprised the senior leadership of the Lake
Forest Caucus of this decision and they will begin the Mayoral nomination
process this month — I will assist the Caucus in any way they ask of me.

I look forward to continuing to execute the office of Mayor of Lake Forest
with the able support and assistance of this Council and City Staff through
May 6th, 2019. I continue to enjoy working with City Council and
interacting with so many caring, thoughtful residents. It has truly been an
honor to serve our residents as the Mayor of Lake Forest and I will forever
be grateful for this opportunity."

Pursuant to the Mayor's decision and for more information, please contact the Lake Forest Caucus.




220 E. Deerpath, Lake Forest, IL 60045
(847) 234-2600
Non-Emergency Police:  (847) 234-2601

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