City Opposes Increased Freight Traffic

The City of Lake Forest along with four neighboring communities have filed comments and requests for conditions to the Federal Transportation Board (STB) in opposition to increased freight traffic along the Metra Milwaukee North railroad tracks that would result from a proposed merger between Canadian Pacific Railway and the Kansas City Southern Company (CPKC) freight railroads.

In October of 2021, CPKC filed a merger application with the STB to create the only single-line rail network linking the United States from Canada to Mexico. The proposed merger threatens to increase the number of freight trains while also increasing the length of those trains on major commuter rail lines, including the Milwaukee District North line running between Green Oaks and the Village of Glenview.

The Villages of Bannockburn, Deerfield, Green Oaks, and Northbrook have joined Lake Forest in opposing any increase to freight traffic, which would cause harm to the health, safety and welfare of these communities, and many others throughout the greater Chicagoland area.

“As a community that has long supported our regional passenger rail system, we strongly object to any decision that will result in increased freight traffic,” said Lake Forest Mayor George A. Pandaleon. “Increasing the length and number of freight trains coming through Lake Forest would result in delays to commuter rail schedules, longer traffic delays at railroad crossings, and increased noise and emissions.”

“We will continue to work with neighboring communities and Metra to encourage the Surface Transportation Board to weigh the public interest throughout their deliberations,” said Lake Forest City Manager Jason Wicha.

The Canadian Pacific Railway operates an average of 12 freight trains per weekday, utilizing Metra-owned tracks that also support Metra’s Milwaukee District North commuter rail service. The tracks travel across more than a dozen street crossings between Green Oaks and Glenview, and pass through the Middlefork Savanna in Lake Forest.

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