Comcast Construction Continues in Lake Forest

Comcast has begun upgrading its network in parts of Lake Forest to increase Internet speeds and deliver the best possible customer experience by making its services even smarter and more reliable. This work is a step on the company’s road to ultimately delivering speeds up to 10 Gbps to homes and businesses in Lake Forest and locations across the country in the future. 

As construction continues, Lake Forest customers may experience internet outages or disruptions occurring on the dates and in the areas listed below. Please note that areas not directly listed may also receive disruptions during the dates listed.

  • Tuesday, December 6: Areas around Conway Park, immediately east of 94, from Eagle Lake south to Conway Farm Golf Club
  • Thursday, December 8: Area immediately east of 94, Conway Farm Dr. south to Everett (around Conway Farms Golf Club) and area immediately east of 41 from Westleigh south to Old Elm
  • Tuesday, December 13: Area immediately west of Green Bay Rd., directly south of the Onwentsia Club
  • Wednesday, December 15: Areas around Lake Forest Academy

Comcast apologizes for any inconvenience - for more information, please view Comcast’s Press Release. Additional news regarding the project can be found on Comcast’s website.

Stay Informed!