Support for Metra Reverse Commute Service

February 2, 2023

After the success of the “Metra More” pilot project that improved access for those making the reverse commute from the City of Chicago to work in the northern suburbs, and for area residents traveling into Chicago, Metra has begun infrastructure work in the City of Lake Forest that will make possible the long-term operation of an enhanced reverse-commute schedule.  The work includes the installation of a crossover and other improvements for reliability and assurance of on-time performance.  This project is being funded by Metra, on tracks they own.  It comes as the result of a partnership between Metra, Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital, AbbVie, Horizon Therapeutics, Trustmark Insurance, Tenneco, the Conway Park Owner’s Association, Lake County Partners, Lake County government, the City of Lake Forest, and the Village of Deerfield to fund the successful pilot project that quantified the ridership impacts of the enhanced reverse commute schedule.  This study, and now the implementation, received no support from Canadian Pacific, and is unrelated to any past discussions about adding a third freight track.  A long-term reverse commute schedule will support business in Lake Forest, provide broader access to the best talent in the workforce, and improve area resident’s service to and from Chicago. 

As has previously been expressed to the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Federal Surface Transportation Board, we maintain our strong opposition to any plan that would increase freight traffic or add tracks on railways within the City of Lake Forest. We thank the local partnership and Metra for funding this effort to improve commuter rail transportation for our residents and businesses.

Signed By:
Senator Julie A. Morrison
Representative Bob Morgan
Paras Parekh, Board Member, Lake County, IL
Kevin S. Considine, President & CEO Lake County Partners
George A. Pandaleon, Mayor, City of Lake Forest

View the Signed Statement of Support for Metra Reverse Commute Schedule.

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