Bank Lane Streetscape Enhancement - Developing A Plan

On Thursday, June 27, over 50 people attended initial visioning sessions to offer ideas and engage in discussions about Bank Lane, the unique features along the corridor: the aspects that need to remain, areas of concern, and opportunities for enhancement.  The discussion is continuing, your input is important!

The Lakota Group is assisting the community in developing the Bank Lane Streetscape Plan.  Work is underway now to compile the input received in June.  Based on that input, initial concepts for enhancing Bank Lane will be developed and "put on paper" for further community discussion and reaction. 

Later this summer, the initial concepts will be presented at a public meeting before the Historic Preservation Commission offering additional opportunities for public input before ideas for enhancing the Bank Lane corridor are more fully developed.

If you have not offered your thoughts yet, please take the survey.

Please complete the survey by 5pm on Wednesday, July 17.

Unique and distinctive, this corridor is worth some creative thought about how it can be enhanced while preserving its special character.  The goal: a vibrant corridor that complements Market Square, but has a character all its own to support both daytime and evening activities as well as offering a vibrant setting for special events.

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