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Hip Hop


Hip Hop dance over a short span of time has dominated popular and dance culture through mediums such as music videos, television shows and the internet. Hip hop classes teach the techniques needed to master such movement styles as popping, locking, breakdancing, freestyle and other dance forms associated with the popular music and performance artists of today. Class will consist of a warm-up, technical exercises to increase strength and isolation and choreographed combinations to improve style and performance quality. Intertwined into each class is also an improved knowledge of hip hop history, musicality, body awareness, athleticism and the family values of what is real hip hop culture.

Intro to Hip Hop is designed for young boys and girls, age 6-8, to begin the discovery of the most basic elements of hip hop such as posture and isolation in an educationally fun atmosphere.

Hip Hop 1 provides boys and girls with a basic understanding of the foundational movements and concepts associated with hip hop dance. Students will learn appropriate posturing, movement, and style through center exercises and choreography.

Hip Hop 2 provides a continuing understanding of hip hop technique with a greater emphasis on concepts such as musicality, fluidity, and sharpness of movement. Warm-ups, exercises, and choreography increase in difficulty and complexity to work dancers physically as well as mentally.

Hip Hop 3 increases the dancer’s technical ability through exploring various styles of hip hop movement and applying them to longer more complex choreography. An increased knowledge of musicality as well as an understanding of subtlety and dynamic variation is emphasized to increase abilities in a performance setting.

Hip Hop 4 consists of intermediate hip hop movement and a greater vocabulary of dance steps. Strength and precision are increased through more difficult floor and coordination exercises, as well as longer combinations to increase dancers’ abilities in learning and maintaining choreography.

Hip Hop 5 is an advanced level course designed to challenge experienced hip hop dancers at a fast pace. Difficulty is increased through more powerful floor work, intricate choreography, longer combinations and improvisation. Hip Hop V strongly emphasizes the concept of teamwork and precision needed to perform with a mature group of dancers.

Down with Hip Hop is designed to help students with Down Syndrome explore an interest in dance, music, and self-expression. The class goals include teaching rhythm, safe stretching, body awareness, building self-confidence, enhancing social skills, and having fun! End of year recital performance optional.


Class Attire:

Comfortable clothing (athletic wear) , Black Athletic Shoe
**No Jeans**   Hair is to be worn in bun or ponytail.

Boys - Comfortable clothing (athletic wear) , Black Athletic Shoe **No Jeans**

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