Tap dance is an upbeat form of American dance that was influenced greatly by African rhythms and Irish dance styles. It is characterized by using tap shoes and the floor as a percussive instrument. Our tap program focuses on principles of rhythm, musicality, tap history, and performance quality. Instructors have a variety of tap expertise and will lead students in tap technique through traditional and current tap steps and styles. Students will explore the dance and performance aspects of Broadway tap, the musical side of rhythm tap and everything in between.

Intro to Tap provides a technical foundation for the beginning tap dancer with a focus on the sounds that make up various tap steps. Students will develop an understanding of rhythm and musical skills. They will learn basic tap steps such as shuffles, flaps, and paradiddles through a variety of center, across the floor exercises, and choreographed combinations.

Tap 1 will give students a basic vocabulary of tap steps and terminology. They will begin to explore music theory and the history behind steps and dances they learn in class. Through a variety of combinations they will work on principles of timing and technique.

Tap 2 will continue to explore intermediate variations of previously learned material, and begin to work on a variety of turning steps and time steps. Students will learn to count tap steps and continue to work concepts of musicality.

Tap 3 will give students a greater understanding of music theory with an emphasis on dynamic qualities such as polyrhythm, tempo, shading and time signature. Focus on more advanced movement and vocabulary, as well as concepts of improvisation will be explored at this level of study.

Tap 4 students will continue to work on more advanced tap technique by applying principles of clarity, speed and rhythm. More complicated variations of previously learned skills will be developed, challenging students with a variety of pullback and wing variations, as well as traditional dances dating back to the 1930’s.

Tap 5 is designed for the advanced tapper who has a clear understanding of musicality and movement based tap skills. Students will combine tap steps into more advanced rhythmic patterns and adapt choreography to a variety of styles while giving respect to clarity, speed and precision of sound. Students will also have the opportunity to explore teaching and choreographic skills.

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