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Classes for children  2½ through 5½ years of age




This is a class of fun and exploration, which allows students to get more in depth with distinct subject areas, like science, art, literature, geography, history and much more! Developed around the Reggio philosophy carried out in the preschool, the children’s interests will spark exciting and fascinating projects! Have your child bring a peanut free snack and his/her lunch for a morning of fun!
Loc: Lake Forest Recreation Center, Studio 5
Instr: H. Faudel, L. Morrison, J. Bess



Take Two is the opportunity to experience a mixed age classroom. The 3-5 years-old are involved from the moment they enter the door. The mixed age allows the older children to take leadership roles, and the younger children love to keep up with their older classmates. The Reggio- inspiration is seen throughout their day, as they work in small groups to develop their projects with their teacher's guidance and co-leadership. Like the Blue and Red Classes, these children move through the various areas of the classroom, exploring the provocations provided to them or they may bring in an item that they want to know more about. Together, this smaller group of children enjoy art, music, free play, and a deep, creative energy that moves propels this group forward. 



This opportunity takes a closer look at some popular fairytales, but in a totally new light! With each fairytale, our teaching staff will conduct science experiments, have art projects, and create a lot of fun! Ever wondered what happened if humpty Dumpty was a hard-boiled egg? Maybe an egg drop experiment is in order! Children 3-5 years-of-age enjoy this two hour class!


Because art is an important way for children to communicate, Kinderhaven's emphasis on art is continued with this "continuing education" art class for children kindergartden- second grade. The children will examine different artists' work in order to discover techniques and themes. The children look for common themes and components and complete an art activity based on what is discovered. At the end of the session, each child will have their own portfolio of art to proudly display!


This is a class especially for our youngest children! It is designed to appl to your body's developing senses. You and your baby will explore art mediums such as bubble wrap, clay, paint and stickers as well as listen to a variety of sounds and music. The use of musical instruments, movement and more will be included in the intentional interactions between the child and her/ his grown-up, In addition, the grown-upp will learn how to create a stimulating, yet calming learning and growing environment for their children following the Reggio- inspired philosophy!


These informative andf interactive lectures are part of the Kinderhaven Parenting Series, which is open to everyone, not just the Kinderhaven community. A variety of topics will be covered, including the unique experience of raising boys, how to raise strong girls, the importance of compassion, setting boundaries, and much, much more. These lectures are advertised in the Parks and Recreation Broshure. 

Music / Child's Development

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