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Kinderhaven - Blue Class


Classes for children  2½ through 5½ years of age


Blue Class

The Blue Class is the next step is developing a creative, confident, curious learner. These 3.5-4.l5 years-olds are ready for more in depth learning and creating. The teachers are guides on the incredible jounrey of exploring their world with all of their senses. The Reggio- inspiration means that the environment becomes the second teacher as it is set up for the childen to move freely, investigating each area of the classroom for the provocations they might find there. For example, a Blue Class student may move to the science area and find a beautiful display of rocks and gems, magnifying glasses, microscopes, and books with details about each of the rocks and gems displayed. A teacher will be in the vicinity ready to engage the child in his or her investigation of the materials. The child might bring other chlildren into their exploration, and the next day bring in rocks and minerals he or she might have found outside of school, carrying their learning into the world. the further development of art materials, including free and teacher- led art projects, are also part of their day. The children continue with Compassion Projects, delving intio and creating project that allow them to make a difference in the world. Music, free play, outdoor activities, Spanish lessons and so much more make up the school day for the Blue Class student. 



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Blue class is learning about the coral reef and the deep sea by the drop off.  An interest has sparked in lantern fish and fish that glow or have lights.  





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