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Classes for children  2½ through 5½ years of age

 Welcome to our 2019-2020
School Year

Kinderhaven Preschool Academy is a developmental preschool for children ages 2 1/2 to 6, licensed by the State of Illinois. Our approach and curriculum has been influenced by the preschools of Reggio Emilia and are supported by short and long term projects that are inspired by the children’s interests, knowledge of early childhood development and topics that are generally of interest to children.  Imbedded in these projects are the tools and opportunities for all children to develop concepts and skills that will lead to a successful school experience and desire to learn. Our educators are dedicated Early Childhood Professionals committed to upholding our mission and goals. The school follows the holiday calendar for School District #67 (September – May)


making_20clouds_20webOur mission: to provide a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment designed to promote discovery, creativity, learning and growth in all areas of development in preschool aged children. To share with parents the most current information on child development, so that they may better understand the development and the education of their preschool child.

Kinderhaven Preschool Academy’s fundamental values are based on an image of the child as being curious, competent, and capable of co-constructing knowledge. At Kinderhaven Preschool Academy, educators observe, document, interpret children's thinking, representational work, and learning. We then endeavor to understand, support, and extend the children's thinking, theories, and hypotheses in order to give meaning to their experiences.

Using guidelines established by The National Academy of Early Childhood Programs, we will provide an age appropriate preschool program for children, 2½ - 6 years of age, in age specific groupings. Each child will have individual goals established by the team of parent and staff. Parent involvement will be encouraged through active participation in the classroom, monthly parent coffees, chaperoning of field trips, and attendance at the many family events throughout the school year. Hurry to get your registrations in now!


I visited all of the pre-schools in the area to find the right fit for my son. After visiting Kinderhaven, I was truly impressed by the life lessons that the teachers instill in the students. Kinderhaven is unlike any other school I have seen. My son is appreciated for his individuality, and he is encouraged to express himself in his artwork and class discussions. It is an inspiring place for the students as well as the parents, and I know that the experiences and lessons my son learns will carry with him throughout his life. I only wish that the Kinderhaven school continued through the eighth grade, because I would love for my son to continue the Kinderhaven philosophy of education throughout his grade school years. I am very thankful that my son has the chance to learn from some of the most kind, nurturing teachers I have ever met. I would highly recommend Kinderhaven to anyone who is looking for an outstanding pre-school experience for their child.
-Jennifer Patt (red class parent)


400 Hastings Rd.
Lake Forest, IL 60045

Dr. Penny Robbins
Kinderhaven Director

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Sample stories from our classes!  Jack and the Light ,   The Adventures of Clementine and Tallulah

The CURRICULUM GUIDE  has been written in order to give you information about the Kinderhaven Curriculum and Approach.

What we love about Kinderhaven

Three things pop into my mind when I think about our experience with Kinderhaven: Confidence, Critical Thinking, and Compassion. Dr. Robbins' philosophies (and those of the teachers she hires), have a common theme of treating our children with respect, while simultaneously teaching them to respect others. Students are encouraged to express themselves confidently, as they explore the world around them in any way their curiosity carries them. Our son is thriving in their enriching environment, and he loves it as much as we do.
-The Marks Family

To parents of preschoolers

We have never been more confident in our decision to send all 3 of our children to Kinderhaven Preschool Academy. The staff is nurturing, committed and welcomes every child and family with open arms. All of our children have different personality and learning styles. The child directed curriculum has been successful with each one of them and made their first learning experience a joy.

What more could we ask for! Kinderhaven is a school that continues to help our children have a zest for life, a compassionate heart and a love for learning.
-Alyssa & Steve Sinclair

What I think makes Kinderhaven unique is that my children have had the opportunity to have their voices be heard, really heard. The curriculum is dynamic and based on the interests of the kids. This is so important because it empowers the kids as learners, thinkers and doers. They are actively engaged in shaping their preschool experience rather than being passive participants in the teacher’s agenda. This feeling of empowerment combined with the focus on compassion at Kinderhaven gives them the sense that they do have the power to make a difference in the world. This is such a remarkable gift to give young children; one that I believe will stay with them and continue to influence their lives in a positive way as they move beyond preschool.
~Suzanne Sands


220 E. Deerpath, Lake Forest, IL 60045
(847) 234-2600
Non-Emergency Police:  (847) 234-2601

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