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Kinderhaven - Our Classes



Classes for children  2½ through 5½ years of age


Our Red Class students are our oldest at 4.5-5.5 years old. They are ready to guide their own learning and fully participate in the world around them. The teachers are co-learners as the children often determine their projects through the provocations the teachers provide or the children themselves provide. The Reggio-inspiration means that the exploration of the projects may go in unexpected directions, asking the teachers to research the areas of interest and provide research and hands-on experiences for the children. For example, the children were drawn to a collection of PVC pips that were located in the building area of the classroom. The teachers placed photos of pips running through a house and a plumbing manual. Several of the children became fasinated with the plumbing manual, especially the sewer portion. Soon, the teachers and students were investigating how sewers work, including bringing in guests, such as a plumber, a sewer worker, and a waste management specialist from the community. More PVC pips and connectors were brought in, and soon the children were creating their own plumbing system. Art projects and the use of art materials now take on new meaning as the children explore various artists and learn their techniques and styles. They develop a command and knowledge of art materials as well. Compassion projects, respect for their enviornment and all living things, and working in small groups, flourish. The children know that what they do can and will make a difference in the world, and they begin developing projects that will help others. 


exploring_map experimenting

Madison and friends exploring a map

Logan experimenting with shaving cream,
water colors and droppers

working_on_baldessari_project working_on_surreal_collage

Philip working on Baldessari project

Tobin working on his Surreal collage


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