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Lake Forest Racing


Lake Forest Sailing Race Team Information

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Race Team Accomplishments

Lake Forest Sailing is currently one of the best teams in the Midwest. Over the past several years the team has qualified for 11 National Championships and has sailed better than any other Midwest team at a high school national championship. Here are some of the team's credits: 

Midwest High School Double Handed and Team Race Champions
US Sailing Junior Championship Qualifiers, 1st Single Handed
Cressy Qualifiers 4th place Laser Radial

Team race High School National Championship, LFHS 9th overall
Fleet race High School National Championship, LFHS 7th overall
Midwest High School Double Handed and Team Race Championship

Team Race Nationals 5th place overall
HS Fleet race Nationals 7th place overall
Kickoff classic 2012 1st place Laser Radial
Kick Off Classic 2012 3rd place 420
Cressy Qualifiers 1st place Laser Radial
Jimmy Talbot Regatta 1st place Vanguard 15
2012 Area K Smythe semifinals 3rd place
Midwest Junior Olympics 1st place
Optimist overall
2nd place MISSA double handed championship
MISSA Team Race Champions
High School Invite Champions
7th Place Mallory National Championship
5th Place Baker National championship

MBYC Jo’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Cressy Qualifiers 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th
Kickoff Classic 1st, 3rd, 4th
6th place Baker Team Race Nationals
2011 MISSA Team Racing Champions
2011 MISSA Fleet Race Championship 3rd

Mallory qualifier 1st overall
Baker qualifier 1st overall
Mallory National championship 1st place A division
Mallory National championship 4th place overall
Milwaukee Team Race Regatta 1st place overall
Ice Breaker 1st place overall
Bemis Qualifiers 2, 3 overall
Kazube Cup 1, 2 overall
Wente cup 1st place green fleet

Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta 420 5th overall (out of 93 boats)
Currently Ranked 2nd in MISSA out of 24 Teams 2nd Overall in Ice Breaker Regatta
2nd in A Fleet Will Haeger 3rd in B Ian Schappe
3rd Overall 2009 ISSA Mallory Qualifier
2nd MISSA Team Racing Championship
3rd In Columbia Yacht Club Skyline Regatta

Midwest High School Fleet Racing Champions
Midwest High School Team Racing Champions
Mallory Fleet Racing National Championship 18th
Baker Team Racing National Championship
United States Youth Sailing Championships
ISAF Youth World Qualifier Champion Laser Radial

Great Lake Championship 1st
Kazube Cup 1st
Midwest Team Racing High School Champions
Baker High School Team Racing Nationals 4th
Mallory 3rd
Cressy Qualifier 1st, 2nd Laser Radial 1st
Halloween Regatta 2nd
CORK Youth Fest 1st
Talbot 3rd
Great Oaks Qualifier 3rd
Great Oaks Nationals
Cressy Nationals
Smythe Qualifier 3rd
ISAF Youth World Championship Qualifier Champion Laser Radial
ISAF Youth World Championship Silver Medal

Cressy Qualifier 1st
Talbot 1st
Halloween Regatta 1st JV
Great Oaks Nationals 16th
Cressy Nationals
CORK Silver 3rd

Cressy Qualifier 2nd
Talbot 1st
Ice Breaker 1st


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Deerpath/Rte. 41 Viaduct/Pump Station Project

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220 E. Deerpath, Lake Forest, IL 60045
(847) 234-2600
Non-Emergency Police:  (847) 234-2601

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