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Martial Arts Programs


Karate - Participants are carefully initiated into a martial art, which focuses on alertness of mind, self-control and mental strategies to meet life’s challenges. Traditional Karate is a martial art which emphasizes the principles and applications of a weaponless self-defense through the use of total body dynamics and mental discipline. Students will constantly strive for technical excellence and the enhancement of ones character. Students seek the human body’s most complete mental and physical development through self- defense techniques. An extraordinary fluidity of perception and Karate skills can be achieved. The following items are optional and will incur additional costs: uniforms, belt tests and tournaments. For more information contact Anthony Anaszewicz, Program Manager, at 847-810-3945. 

Taekwondo - one of the newest Olympic sports, is a 2000-year-old martial art, offering a variety of benefits for people of all ages and physical abilities. Students have the opportunity to improve concentration and self esteem, achieve lifelong physical fitness, and learn self-defense skills. Classes are taught under the direction of Grand Master Ki Hong Kim (8th Dan World Tae Kwon Do Federation.) A $45.00 uniform fee is required at the first class. All colored belt students are required to have complete sparring gears. For more information contact Anthony Anaszewicz, Program Manager, at 847-810-3945.

Self Defense - Our Brave Way program is not a martial art, and no previous self-defense training is required to master the moves taught in class. The techniques are easy to learn, extremely effective, based on instinctive principles that don’t require constant practice or years of training to use, and work regardless of your size, strength, speed or skill. The program includes lecture; demonstration; hands-on instruction; scenario based training; defense against armed and unarmed attackers; single and multiple attackers; standing, sitting and ground techniques; and rape defense/prevention. This is not a ‘Stranger Danger’ lecture but a class where participants will learn actual principles and techniques that will help them properly defend themselves and protect others. This class could save your life. All girls at or near dating age should take this class. For more information contact Anthony Anaszewicz, Program Manager, at 847-810-3945.

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