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The City will Plow and Salt Waukegan Rd. and Rte. 60 This Winter

At its December 2, meeting, the City Council authorized the City Manager to enter into a one-year pilot agreement with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) for the plowing and salting of Rte. 43 (Waukegan Road) from Rte. 176 in Lake Bluff south to Rte. 22 in Highland Park and Rte. 60 (Rte. 41 west to Field Drive in Lake Forest). Over the past several years, the City has been concerned with the State’s ability to make both roads safe for travel in Lake Forest.  
The City Council also authorized the purchase of an additional 1,000 tons of road salt.
Under the agreement, the City of Lake Forest will be reimbursed by IDOT in the amount of $93,131,36, which covers the costs estimated by the Public Works department based upon 18 snow/salting events. The City currently plows and salts 240 lane miles of streets, and Rte. 43 and 60 will add 33 lane miles to the Snow Plan.
Additionally, the agreement states that the City and the State of Illinois can renegotiate the charges if it is a heavy winter and the costs exceed the reimbursement amount.
The City's current Snow Plan's priority assignments (which can be amended at any time depending upon conditions) include:
  1. All City streets
  2. Municipal Services Building parking lot and sidewalks, City parking lots and railroad station platforms
  3. Power broom sidewalks along the McKinley Road bike path from Illinois to Westminster
  4. All remaining sidewalks and bridge decks
  5. Compost Center and recycling ramp
  6. West Park Ice Pond
  7. Hauling snow from the Central Business District, City-owned parking lots and if necessary, the public cul-de-sacs
Both the City and IDOT have stated that the pilot plan could lead to quicker and more effective snow removal from both Rtes. 43 and 60. The City Council emphasized that safety for travelers on both these State routes is of the utmost concern and that it would review the program in a year to assess its success.





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