Get the Recycling App!

Green_Minds_Recycle_AppGreen Minds LFLB, a group of environmental advocates from Lake Forest and Lake Bluff, united to develop a mobile phone application that will help residents better use local recycling resources.

1. Search "Recycle LFLB" on the App Store
2. Input your address
3. Voila!
  • Find out when your next pick-up day is
  • Set alerts for your pick-up days
  • Search items to learn about sustainable recycling or refuse options
  • Link with The City of Lake Forest and The Village of Lake Bluff recycling and refuse services
  • Learn about composting with an Earth Machine from The City of Lake Forest
  • Learn about local recycling guidelines
  • Learn  more about Green Minds LF/LB and sustainability efforts within the two communities 

Green Minds acknowledges four core volunteers who created the app:

1. Azza Andreesen, Data Analyst
2. Marcus Norman, Graphic Designer
3. Christian Rasmussen, Programmer
4. Yuh Schabacker-Koppel, Project Manager
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