E-Scooters and Bikes Must Be Walked in Central Business District

As the weather warms up, please remember to walk e-Scooters and bikes on sidewalks in the Central Business District. 

In October 2023, Lake Forest City Council approved an ordinance prohibiting the use of recreational powered devices (electric scooters, electric bikes, etc.) on sidewalks in the Central Business District. Riders must dismount and walk their devices uptown within the Central Business District boundaries (see map below) to avoid a fine of up to $300 per offense. Licensed motor vehicle operators with a valid motor vehicle operator's license may operate the device within the street. 

eScooter Walk Boundary Map - Copy

The Lake Forest Police Department issued warnings in fall 2023 as a courtesy, while people adjusted to the new regulation. The warning itself includes a map of the Central Business District, so e-scooter riders and their families can familiarize themselves with the boundaries. Additionally, signs have been placed throughout the Central Business District with a reminder of the new regulation. Tickets will be issued to anyone riding an e-scooter or e-bike in the Central Business District.

As a reminder, bicycles must also be walked on sidewalks in the Central Business District between  8 am-9 pm, per City ordinance.

While there’s no perfect solution, we hope that this action will help address community concerns regarding e-scooter safety within the Central Business District.

E-Scooter Safety Tips
The Lake Forest Police Department has a few reminders for parents and guardians to share with their children about how to ride an e-scooter safely in Lake Forest:

1. Wear a helmet. The best way to protect yourself is to wear a helmet.
2. Walk your wheels in the Central Business District. 
To avoid a ticket and fine, please walk e-scooters and e-bikes in the Central Business District.
3. Look both ways before riding through any kind of intersection. Stop and look for turning cars when crossing the street or a driveway. Be careful at crosswalks and intersections.
4. Avoid distractions. Do not use electronic devices, including ear buds, headphones or phones, while operating your scooter.
5. Ride solo. Only one person per scooter. 
6. Be respectful of others. Sound the bell attached to your scooter, announce yourself, or dismount when passing a pedestrian.

Thanks for sharing these reminders with your children and helping keep Lake Forest a safe place for everyone!

Safety Videos

What You Can Do
While we continue to promote scooter safety across the City’s channels, we need your help to reach the widest audience.

- Parents: If your child rides an e-scooter, Make sure your child is aware of the new regulation that requires e-scooter and bike riders to walk their devices in the Central Business District. Please review the safety guidelines with them and encourage your child to wear a helmet.
- e-Scooter and e-Bike Riders: Please follow the safety tips and encourage your friends to do the same.
- Drivers: Please be alert and watch for pedestrians, scooters, and bikes, especially in the morning before school starts and in the afternoons after school dismissal.

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