Looking Forward - Enhancing Bank Lane

Starting Monday, November 6, Bank Lane will be limited to one-way traffic southbound between Deerpath and Illinois Road as part of a 6-month pilot project. Diagonal parking will be added on the west side of the street. 

In August, the City Council approved an update to the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan as it relates to the Central Business District. Interest in enhancing the overall experience and unique character of Bank Lane was expressed frequently during the almost year long discussion of the Central Business District. To begin the exploration of possibilities, the City Council authorized this 6-month trial as only the beginning of envisioning the future of Bank Lane.       

Why experiment with converting Bank Lane to one-way southbound traffic from Deerpath to Illinois Road?

  1. Based on recent traffic counts, most traffic currently travels southbound.
  2. Turns on to Deerpath from northbound Bank Lane are difficult with limited sightlines.
  3. Provides an opportunity for additional parking – diagonal parking, along the west side of the street.
  4. Adds accessible parking.
  5. Will provide data to inform future public discussions about enhancements to Bank Lane.
  6. Opportunity to experiment, get input.  (Send comments and ideas to czerniac@cityoflakeforest.com)

Bank Lane Southbound Map

The real-time pilot project will offer valuable insights into whether the one way concept could offer safety, aesthetic, pedestrian experience, and parking benefits, and provide business opportunities as well. This initiative will position the City well to plan for the future of Bank Lane.

Stay Informed!