City Buildings Closing at Noon on Jan. 12

Due to the Winter Storm Warning in effect, all City facilities will be closing at noon on Friday, January 12. The Lake Forest Library is also closed for the day.

Heavy snow, strong winds, and dangerous travel conditions expected. Extremely cold temperatures are expected Sunday through Tuesday.

The City’s Snow Command is monitoring the situation closely and will dispatch crews to respond throughout this weather event. Please be mindful of changing weather conditions and avoid driving, if possible.

Snow Reminders

1. Parking After It Snows  
After a minimum 2-inch snowfall, parking is not permitted on City maintained roads until snow has been cleared edge to edge. Parked vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense.

2. Avoid the Second Shovel
Please shovel snow with the direction of traffic so it's less likely to be pushed back into driveways by the plows. Reduce the impact that plows may have pushing snow on the base of driveways by throwing snow on the "downstream" side (the right side as you look at the street).

3. Don't Push Snow Back onto the Street
When removing snow from your driveway, please do not plow, snow blow, or shovel it onto the roadway. It creates a slippery and hazardous surface for traffic. It also requires the City to re-run all of its plow routes to once again remove the snow before it freezes. This diverts resources from other snow removal priorities. 

Report Downed Branches
The weight of the snow is downing some tree limbs. If you see a branch blocking the road, please report it using the “Report a Problem” feature in the Lake Forest Now App (download it at, via the “Report a Problem” webpage ( or call Public Works at (847) 810-3543.

How Does the City Prioritize Snow Removal?
During larger, longer duration winter weather events, Snow Command uses the list below to prioritize resources for clearing snow and ice. While some of these priorities may occur simultaneously, Snow Command first prioritizes clearing City streets before moving to parking lots and train station platforms, sidewalks, and other items on the list. 

1. City Streets.
All City streets and Route 43 from Route 176 to Route 22 and Route 60 from Route 41 to Field Drive.
2. City Parking Lots and Train Station Platforms.
3. Sidewalks.
The first priority is sidewalks along the bike path adjacent to McKinley Road and sidewalks with .25 miles of schools. Second priority is all remaining sidewalks.
4. Pedestrian Bridge Sidewalks.
5. Compost & Recycling Center.
6. West Park Ice Rink.
7. Hauling Snow from the Central Business District.
The City hauls snow piles to ensure businesses and shoppers have access to parking lots. 

Learn more about Snow Operations and follow the Public Works Department on Facebook for updates on winter weather.

Contacting Snow Command
Snow related reports and requests can be made via the “Report a Problem” feature in the Lake Forest Now App. Snow command can be reached directly at (847) 810-3572.

Winter Weather Safety
Follow these tips to keep yourself and your family safe:

  • Do not lower your heat at night, keep faucets dripping, and open cabinets to prevent frozen pipes.
  • Never use your oven for heat (this is a carbon monoxide hazard).
  • Make sure all portable heaters are unplugged when not in use.
  • If you travel outside, have extra layers and make sure to cover all exposed skin. Have an emergency kit whether you are at home or on the road.

Find more Winter Weather Safety tips at

Power Outages
Power outages may be possible due to the combined effects of blowing snow, high winds, and quickly dropping temperatures. To report a power outage, visit, use the ComEd Mobile App, or call 1-800-EDISON1.

The Lake Forest Fire Department encourages residents to “adopt a fire hydrant” near their home or business. Clear snow from around the hydrant so that first responders can see and access it in the event of an emergency.

Stay Informed!